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Atlanta is blessed to have three professional sports teams.  The Braves, Falcons and Hawks all commenced playing in Atlanta during the 1960s.  The Braves and Falcons in 1966, the Hawks in 1968.

The state of Georgia has two major college schools, the University of Georgia and The Georgia Tech Institute of Technology.  The University of Georgia is located in Athens, a 70 mile drive from Atlanta.  The Georgia Tech Institute of Technology is located in downtown Atlanta.

This Atlanta sports blog focuses on the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, the University of Georgia and The Georgia Tech Institute of Technology.


The Atlanta Braves originated and played many decades in Boston, moved to Milwaukee for ten years, and then made Atlanta home.  The Braves first played their home games at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.  The homer-friendly park was nicknamed “The Launching Pad.”

In 1997 the Braves started playing home games at Turner Field.  Turner Field was the stadium used in the 1996 Olympics that was converted into a baseball stadium for the Braves.  In 2017 they will make SunTrust Field, located in Cobb County, their home.  Cobb County is approximately 20 minutes northwest of Atlanta.

During the 70s until 2007 Braves games were telecast nationwide on owner Ted Turner’s TBS SuperStation.  This developed the Atlanta Braves as a nationwide brand and they were dubbed “America’s Team.”