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Braves Interest Way Down

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Checking in with a few prominent Braves bloggers, I’ve heard the same thing.  Interest in the Atlanta Braves is way down.

When you are a blogger, it is easy to gauge interest.  When you write an article about the Braves, you check the number of clicks.  From what we’ve seen here and what other Braves bloggers are saying, interest in the Braves is 1/2 to 1/3 what it would typically this time of the season.

One blogger said his blog was doing 1/4 the clicks it was doing two years ago.

Braves interest may get significantly worse, before it gets better.  As the losses continue to mount, fans can only take so much.

Not only are the Braves losing, they are boring.  No home runs in the past 15 games.  They don’t even hit long fly outs.  If it wasn’t for the batters on the other team, they could remove the warning track.

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