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Freeman on Trading Block?

Freeman Swing

Freddie Freeman may be taking his mail somewhere else next season.  According to various reports, Freeman’s availability is the talk of the Arizona league.

Common sense would say that the Freeman isn’t on the block.  After all, middle of the order bats are hard to find in today’s major league baseball.  Then again, common sense and the Braves haven’t been mentioned in the same sentence much lately.

The Braves are apparently concerned about containing this story.  Fredi Gonzalez went on MLB Network Radio and said, “I just talked to Coppy (Braves GM John Coppolella) yesterday, 7:30 at night, and he said, ‘Those rumors are not true, we’ve never even intimated the idea.”

Gonzalez went on to say, “I’m sure people have called him about him (Freeman) and he’s doing his job. He’s listening. You’ve gotta listen to see if somebody may absolutely knock your socks off.”

What gives credibility to the story is that it has been sourced by multiple, credible media sources.  Also, Freeman is being paid a lot of money and his production while pretty good, doesn’t match the price tag.  Also, he’s a reluctant “face of the franchise.”  Media sources have reported that Freeman hides in the back during interviews or leaves early.  That isn’t how leaders are supposed to act.

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