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Don’t Play Liar’s Poker with John Hart

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When rumors were swirling that Freddie Freeman was about to be traded, John Hart stepped forward and said it wasn’t going to happen.  Of course last November Hart refuted that Evan Gattis was going to be traded in a conversation that the AJC’s Dave O’Brien detailed.  Then Hart traded Gattis.

Hart also maintained all last winter and through spring that the Braves were not going to trade Craig Kimbrel.  Then Kimbrel was placed on the cross Easter Sunday.

Since Shelby Miller was traded the other day, rumors are swirling that Julio Teheran is on the block.  I talked about that in an article yesterday entitled, “Julio Teheran Trade Watch.”

In an interview on 680TheFan, Hart said, “we’re not trading anymore of our starters.”  He went on to say, “we love Julio, he is going to be the anchor of our rotation.”

Should Hart have followed that up with, “I’m really telling the truth this time!”

Is the old saying about politicians applicable here?  The one about, how do I know a politician is lying?  ‘Cause I see his lips moving.

It isn’t that I dislike the job John Hart is doing.  Or that I enjoy banging on him.  But facts are facts and the man has been playing a stellar game of liar’s poker the past year.

Is it Hart’s strategy to bait GMs around the league by saying he is not going to trade someone.  Does he drive up the price or demand that way?  I’m not sure if he has a strategy, but if you are a Braves player or fan, what can you believe?

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