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Falcons Offense in Witness Protection Program?

Ryan Pocket

Head Coach Dan Quinn and his staff know that if they don’t get the offense going, this promising season could end with a thud.  The four games before this bye week the Falcons were 1-3 and averaged only 16.75 points.  The one win the Falcons were able to muster they only scored 10 points.

Matt Ryan has looked out of sync all season, it is up to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to get Ryan in rhythm.  Ryan is almost always effective in the hurry-up offense.  Will a control freak like Shanahan want to give up the play calling and let Ryan control the game?

Quinn may actually be the one not be interested in utilizing the hurry-up.  It would extend the game and expose Quinn’s defense.  The last thing a head coach who used to be a defensive coordinator wants to do is expose his defense.

Look at what Quinn did against the 49ers late in the fourth quarter when the Falcons were on the 1-yard line.  Rather than let the offense go for it and win the game, he kicked the field goal and put the game on his defense’s shoulders.

Running back Devonta Freeman and wide receiver Julio Jones are considered at the top of NFL at their respective positions.  The offensive line is improved and holds its own.  The pressure rests all with Ryan.  Will he get this team into the playoffs or will the Falcons offense remain in the Witness Protection Program?

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