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Atlanta Hawks Personnel Changes Needed?

Hawks Personnel Changes

Do the Atlanta Hawks need personnel changes?  The team that won 60 games last season is languishing at 15-12 and has lost 11 of their last 19 games.

The Hawks motion offense that yielded all the open shots last season has been stagnant.  A stagnant motion offense is like a car with square wheels.  It doesn’t work too good, if you know what I mean.

Hawks Problem Areas

Jeff Teague doesn’t look as explosive this season as last.  He was blowing by guys in  2014-15 and regularly outplaying some of the best point guards in the league.  Not this season.  Teague was the go-to guy down the stretch last season, not this year.

Dennis Schroder is not finishing like he did in 201415.  Teams are taking away Schroder’s strengths and forcing the outside shot which still doesn’t fall with enough regularity.

Kyle Korver isn’t hitting his shots like he did last year and he’s still having problems getting open.  It started in the playoffs and has carried over to this season.  I think Budenholzer has to get more creative with this offense, opponents have locked in on all the plays and cuts.

There has not been any whisper or hint of any trades on the horizon.  If the Hawks continue underachieving, I think it could be a possibility.  This team appears to have no sense of urgency and is not playing at the same intensity as last season.

Coach Budenholzer may not want to break up his core, but one weapon he needs to add is a scorer off the bench.  The easiest way to solve that problem would be to play Mike Scott more and have him be productive.  A couple years ago, Scott would often explode off the bench with his 3-point shots and dashes to the rim.

The question mark with Scott, with his legal problems is he anywhere capable of assuming a major role night in and night out.

What the Hawks could really use is a shooting guard/small forward combo player that could come off the bench and give them instant offense.  The difference in last Monday night’s game against Miami was Gerald Green.  Green scored 20 off the bench, was able to get shots when the offense broke down and fueled Miami’s surges in both halves.  The Hawks don’t have that type bench player.

We’ll see what changes the Hawks make going forward.  What is becoming more apparent as the games go by is that Hawks personnel changes are needed.

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