Atlanta Hawks

President Kyle Korver?

Kris Humphries Action

Newly acquired Hawks frontcourt player Kris Humphries was asked after a recent game what NBA player he thought would make a great President.

After significant reflection, Humphries said he thought Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder would make a great President.    With those present chuckling, Humphries dismissed the idea as he pointed out that Schroder wouldn’t qualify due to his German citizenship.

Humphries of course ignored that Schroder doesn’t meet the minimum 35-year old requirement, either.

With Schroder off the list, Humphries gave the question further thought.  Korver, he proclaimed!  Korver would have the Kennedy good looks going again in the White House!

Korver turned 35 on Saint Patrick’s Day, and was born in the U.S., so he is fully qualified.  If no Republican gets the 1237 delegates needed to lock up the nomination, could they parachute Korver in as the surprise nominee?

A crazy thought yes, but hasn’t politics gotten ridiculous enough that almost anything is possible?

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