Atlanta Hawks

Struggling Hawks Miss Teague


The Atlanta Hawks have dropped two in a row without point guard Jeff Teague.  Tuesday night’s 90-88 loss to Brooklyn was fueled by 20 Hawks turnovers.

Without Teague the past two games, the offensive flow broke down and stagnated.  Dennis Schroder is  valuable in keying the second team offense, but as a starter he plays too much one-on one.  It happened in last season’s playoffs and Budenholzer hasn’t adjusted Schroder’s play with the first team.

Atlanta averages 102.8 per game on the season, but averaged only 92 against Utah and Brooklyn.  They shot only 43% against Brooklyn.

Teague is averaging 17.1 points per game and 6.5 assists.  He does cough up the ball on average 3.1 times per game, but his penetration and court savvy keeps the Hawks in rhythm.

Not having Teague at the end of both close games hurt, in particular against Brooklyn.  In the second to last possession Schroder was out of control and Atlanta didn’t get a good shot.  The last possession there was only .9 on the clock, not a huge amount of time, but enough to get a quick shot.  No Hawks could shake free and the inbound pass was never executed, game over.

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