Atlanta Braves

Braves Player Philosphy Change?


The Braves released Nick Swisher and his $15 million contract.  Which is a surprise since they will have to eat the entire amount.

In the past the Braves would hold onto players with huge contracts until they were so bad they stunk up the garage.  In fact, they would not only hold onto them, they would showcase those players hoping another team would bite.

I’m of course speaking of B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla.

Although this may not be a change in philosphy, Swisher may just be so broken down and so bad that there was no way they could keep him.  Swisher’s lack of skills gives Jeff Francoeur the opportunity to play in Atlanta this season.

Maybe in the end that was the deciding factor.  If the Braves had cut Francoeur and kept the lifeless Swisher, it would have been the final straw for some fans.

At any rate, it is good to see the Braves putting what they think are the 25 best players on the team.  Unlike prior seasons.

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