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Braves Rebuild Facing Major Obstacles

Braves Rebuild

The Braves rebuild and painful tear down continues.  When they come out the other end and just how good they will be is still open for debate.

Braves management is confident they will be a powerful force and able to contend years to come when the recipe is finally cooked.

No matter how good the Braves are, there’s a major consideration that hasn’t really been discussed.  National League East competitors  Mets and Nationals are not rolling over and playing dead.  They are continuing to build and fine tune their teams.

Looking at the other NL East competition, the Marlins are capable while the Phillies are hopeless.  The Marlins young core, Jose Fernandez, Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon is as good as any in baseball.

The Braves may come out of the dark in a couple years really good, but the Mets, Nationals and Marlins may be as good or better.  They may be worse too, we don’t know.  What we do know for sure is that the Mets and Nationals are significantly better than the Braves right now.

Both the Mets and Nationals are willing to spend money.  Quite frankly both have management that has proven in recent years that they are better than the Braves.  Atlanta is banking new GM John Coppolella is the boy wonder who can make the difference.  Until he does, he hasn’t.

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The Mets were in the World Series last season and have a young, stud, pitching staff.  Two years from now those young Mets pitchers will be better.

The Braves are hoping to develop a staff like the Mets.

The Nationals have the best hitter in baseball, Bryce Harper, a very good pitching staff also and a good, young core.

At this point in time, there’s little that indicates the Braves rebuild will mean championships during the next two to five years or beyond.  Hopefully as the weeks and months go by that will change.

Right now when you look at the Braves you see Freddie Freeman, Julio Teheran and a lot of hopes and prayers.

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