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Braves Strange Rebuild Continues

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The Braves are in the middle of a full-blown tear down and build up.  The past two years they have traded numerous veterans and stockpiled young talent.

General Manager John Coppolella and the Braves continue their march to put a young, exciting team on the field, when the new stadium opens in 2017.

Do you notice something strange about this rebuild?

Rebuilds almost always involve young players being given the chance to play and grow, don’t they?  Yet, when you look at these Braves, they are getting older.

The starting line-up will often have five or six players over 30 years old on the field.  You have C A.J. Pierzynski, 39, RF Nick Markakis, 32, LF Jeff Francoeur,  Michael Bourn, 33, Nick Swisher, 35, SS Erick Aybar 32, 3B Adonis Garcia or Hector Olivera, 31.  Bourn will also start some in center field.

That isn’t a rebuild, that’s an old team.

Regularly having five or six position players over 30 years old in the starting line-up is what championship contenders put on the field.  Not also-rans that are supposedly in full-blown rebuild.

What this tells us right now is that the Braves either don’t have any young position players close to ready.  Or they are in denial and think they can win a bunch of games with smoke and mirrors.

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  • Have you ever seen a rebuild before? You bring in veterans for stop gaps, and once your younger players are ready, you trade or cut the veterans. What is “strange” about this?

    • Yeah, I’ve seen a few rebuilds in my day. Which of the veterans are you talking about trading? Nick Markakis who is being paid $11 million/year and they can’t give away? How ’bout 39-year old A.J. Pierzynski or unproven Adonis Garcia who they may be lucky to get a mid-level prospect at the trade deadline. Or Erick Aybar who will be a free agent at the end of the season. They will get less for him than they got for the Kelly Johnson/Jose Urbia trade to the Mets, which wasn’t much. And how ’bout Hector Olivera – he’s older, more injury prone, and costs a heckuva lot more than Evan Gattis. They are stuck with Olivera through 2020, Gattis they had total control over for a couple more years. Olivera, a third-baseman by trade, has been deemed to not be a major league third baseman. So now he is trying left field and the jury sure as heck is out on that experiment. If you will recall, one of the main reasons for trading Gattis was that he had a question mark about his defense in left field. This is a very strange rebuild, dude.