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Cam Newton’s Biggest Problem Exposed

Cam Newton Problems

Cam Newton’s biggest problem isn’t being a poor loser.  The problem with Cam Newton is that he is also a poor winner.

Combine the two and the man is very immature.

He struts around and does all his gyrations when things are going well.  He rubs it into the opponents and plays to the crowd.  When you act like that you sure as hell better be humble when you lose.

But then he loses he sulks and acts like he did in his post-game Super Bowl press conference.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Carolina Panthers take a tumble next season and Cam Newton is eventually traded in a couple years.  He has all the traits that budding cancers possess.  He’s all about me and he’s not a stable leader.

The best thing about Cam Newton is he gave a lot of people who wouldn’t have cared about this past Super Bowl a reason to care.  They watched to see him lose, they just didn’t expect the Broncos’ defense to humiliate him like they did.

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