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Chipper Jones Braves Manager?


Chipper Jones Braves manager?

Until the Braves hire a new manager, Chipper Jones’ name will keep surfacing.  Jones did nothing to dispel the potential rumors on 680 The Fan this past week.

While sitting in on the morning broadcast with Brian Finneran and Sandra Golden, Jones first said, “no comment” when asked about taking over as Braves manager.  Chipper went on to say, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”  Jones also said, “”If she (his wife Taylor) was okay with it, I would consider it,” he said.

So the word from the horse’s mouth is that he is open to the possibility.  At the very least, he’s not closing the door.

Jones is currently working as a “special adviser” to the Braves.  So Chipper is already a significant presence in the Braves’ organization.

But is Jones really interested?  Lets check what another Braves source says.

An author on the blog Talking Chop claims that Chipper Jones is not interested in the job.  Though the source used is more than a little flimsy.  The author of the articles cites a tweet by writer Jerry Cransick that a source close to Chipper says he is not interested.  So in other words, the friend of my friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s hairdresser says he’s not interested.

What I take from the information we have available is that the Braves and Chipper have yet to speak about the position.  Both will seriously think about Jones becoming the manager and whether or not it would be mutually beneficial.

The are significant reasons why Jones would want to take over as Braves manager.  Jones loves to compete and he loves being the center of attention.  There is nothing else out there for him that will fulfill those huge desires like managing the Braves.  Do not underestimate those two desires.

The other main reason why Jones would want to become the Braves manager is financial.  Yes, Chipper Jones has made a lot of money and probably won’t ever need to make another dime.  That does not mean that he is immune to making more and doesn’t in fact want to make more.  The top three managers in major league baseball, Joe Maddon, Mike Scioscia and Bruce Bochy all make $5 million per year.  So managing a major league baseball team is certainly worth real money.

Chipper becoming manager would be a huge PR move for the Braves.  Jones would also crank up season ticket sales in the new ballpark, no other manager hired would sell tickets like Jones.

Whether or not Chipper Jones will become the Braves’ next manager is a huge decision for both the Braves and Chipper.  The next Braves manager may hold down the job for the next 10-15 years, maybe more.  If Jones is offered the position and says “no” he may never again have the opportunity to manage the Atlanta Braves.

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