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Chipper Jones Rejoins Braves

Chipper Jones Rejoins Braves

Atlanta Braves fan favorite and hero Chipper Jones will rejoin the Braves in 2016.  Unfortunately, it won’t be as a player.  Jones’s official title will be “Special Assistant to Baseball Operations.”

“After a few years of decompressing, I came to the undeniable conclusion that I want to be around the game again and, more particularly, around the Atlanta Braves,” Jones stated.

I have no doubt Chipper could still make the roster and probably start a fair amount of games at third.  That is more an indictment of the players on the roster in 2016 than it is Chipper’s current skills.

Nonetheless, it will be great having Chipper Jones back in a Braves uniform.  The respect level everyone has for Chipper is off the charts and he can make a serious contribution.

Jones will report to president of baseball operations, John Hart, and to general manager, John Coppolella.

Chipper’s new duties will include attending Major League spring training as an instructor and assisting Braves’ hitters during the regular season.

“I look forward to working with your players, as my passion for the art of hitting is something I hold near and dear to my heart.  My hope is that I can be an “extra set of eyes” on our players and help supplement an already strong baseball operations department and coaching staff.  I am honored to be back working with the Braves.”

It will be interesting to see just how big a footprint Chipper will make.  He’s not a guy who is used to being in the background.  He’s a front and center type individual.

Okay, here’s the elephant in the room.  Are the Braves grooming Chipper to be the next manager?  Is this a trial run for Chipper to see how much time of his life does he want to allocate to baseball and whether or not he would even want to be the Atlanta Braves next manager?

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