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Dimitroff or Smith? The Debate Heats Up

Arthur Blank Falcons Owner

Falcons owner Arthur Blank had a decision to make last year.  Who would he hold responsible for two consecutive losing seasons.

Would it be head coach Mike Smith or GM Thomas Dimitroff?  Blank decided to drop the axe on Smith and retain Dimitroff.

After an 8-8 season against a soft schedule, the jury is still out on Blank’s decision.  New Falcons head Coach Dan Quinn has done some good things so far and some not so good things.

Fans and media are still pointing fingers at Dimitroff for questionable draft choices and overall lack of talent.

Thanks to the Falcons division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we will find out quite a bit more information on how good a decision Blank made.

The Buccaneers hired Dirk Koetter, Mike Smith’s offensive coordinator from 2012-2014, as head coach.  Then Koetter turned around and hired Mike Smith as defensive coordinator.

The Buccaneers play the Falcons twice a year, so it will be very interesting to see the match-up.  Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith on one sideline, Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff on the other.

It will be even more interesting to see the win/loss record of these two franchises next season and in coming years.

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