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Richt and Miami No Surprise

Mark Richt Miami Head Coach

Mark Richt becoming the new Miami Hurricanes head coach should be no surprise.  Richt graduated from Miami and played football there during the glory years.  When Mark Richt thinks Miami football, he thinks success.

Miami needs Mark Richt more than the former UGA head coach needs Miami.  Simply put, the Hurricanes have a credibility and integrity perception problem.  Richt gives Miami instant credibility and wipes away the sins of the past.

If anybody thinks Richt can’t win big at Miami, they are probably a UGA fan who is utilizing wishful thinking.  Miami has access to all the talent that Georgia has and then some.

The one problem I do see for Richt is that he is not a disciplinarian.  He is more friend than father to the players and if there is any program in America that has players who need a daddy more than Miami, they are probably playing their games in a prison yard.

The University of Georgia did college football a favor by firing Mark Richt this past Sunday.  College football is a lot more interesting with Mark Richt in Miami, than it was with him in Athens.

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