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GT Bowl Absence Silver Lining?

GT Jackets Bowl Streak

GT Bowl Absence a silver lining to the football program?

For the first time in years the GT Jackets will not be playing in a bowl game.  To be exact, it has been 18 years.

Many Georgia Tech fans have been agonizing over  the long bowl streak ending.  Not only are bowls another chance to see your favorite team play, they  give coaches all those extra practices.

Extra practices would give the Jackets coaches time to install new systems and evaluate the younger players.  So not a lot of good has come from the GT bowl streak being broken.

Is there a silver lining?  Yes, there is.

Not having to focus on a bowl game and all those time consuming practices, GT coaches can hit the recruiting trail hard.  They need to do it real bad, too.

According to 247Sport’s 2016 team rankings, the Jackets currently stand 69th.  Sure, some of that is due to the Jackets only having 11 recruits, as that is a significant factor in the rankings.  The 11 players GT has recruited rate an average of  only 83.64 which is not good. has Georgia Tech ranked even worse in their Rivals 2016 team rankings.  The Jackets are ranked only 88th in the country in overall 2016 team recruiting rankings.  GT ranks 60th in per player average stars at 2.7.  That is awful.

GT fans are optimistic that the 3-9 2015 season just passed was an aberration.  But when you see recruiting in the tank like this, it gives fuel to the fire that Georgia Tech football is in a more permanent downward trajectory.

Lets face it, there’s close to zero momentum right now on North Avenue and it all sits at the lap of Paul Johnson.  With his big, long term deal, he will be given time to turn his program around.

That turnaround has got to start with recruiting high quality players and so far the coach hasn’t gotten it done by any measure.  February signing day is not that far away.  If GT’s recruiting doesn’t turn around, this year’s GT bowl absence could be the start of a new streak.

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