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Jackets Playing Hard Despite Losses

Jackets Offense LOS

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are doing a reverse 1991 Atlanta Braves this season.  They are going from “First to Worst” in this season  that has GT fans in agony.

At Monday’s press conference, head coach Paul Johnson tried to make sense of it all.  ““This year, it seems like whatever has had a chance to go wrong goes wrong, and I think you make your own breaks,” Johnson said.

Johnson isn’t in any trouble, despite the Jackets having their worst season in 20 years.  He has a long term deal that extends until 2020-something.

You have to give Johnson and the Jackets credit.  The players have maintained their intensity, despite not making key plays in close games.

“I think that this team had continued to try to play hard.  I think they want to do well. I think they’re frustrated just like everybody else is… the coaches, the players, the fans.  I mean everybody is frustrated, the beleaguered coach said.”

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