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Paul Johnson Defensive About Offense

Bobby Dodd Stadium

Even though his defense played well and held the Dawgs to only 13 points in the Jackets 13-7 loss to their rival, Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson chose to not praise his defense.  Instead, he chose to get defensive about his offense.

“You’ve got to get better expectations,” Johnson chided the media in his post game press conference.  “For whatever reason, if the offense doesn’t score every time, they suck. And if we can make them punt four times, that’s great. We’ve got to have the expectations for both sides.”

Johnson continued to rip his defense’s performance.  “I wouldn’t say your run defense is good when you give up 194 yards rushing, “the beleaguered GT head man said.  He didn’t stop there, Johnson continued discrediting his defense by talking about his team’s missed tackles.

Except for the first two games against cupcakes, Johnson’s offense had trouble putting together a complete game.  His experienced offensive line was often outplayed and it caused problems all season.

In college football nowadays, when your defense holds an opponent to only 13 points, you expect to win.  Even though Georgia Tech’s defense held Georgia to only 13, the Jackets didn’t win due to Paul Johnson’s offense (he is the offensive coordinator) not scoring more than 13.

With a 3-9 record this season, the pressure is on Paul Johnson to get offensive next season.  In the games that is, not the post game press conferences.

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