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Jackets Hire Assistant Football Coach

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Ron West has been hired to coach Georgia Tech’s offensive tackles.  West has worked as an assistant at Clemson, Illinois, Arizona State and North Carolina.

This is somewhat of a curious hire, West’s last two gigs at Arizona State and North Carolina,  he was the co-defensive coordinator.

West has over 30 years coaching experience, 12 years on offense and 9 as a coordinator.  So he is a very experience assistant football coach.

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West replaces the coaching slot opened when special teams/offensive line coach Ray Rychleski was fired.  Rychleski was named the scapegoat to Georgia Tech’s dismal 2015 season when  GT head coach Paul Johnson fired him Monday, January 4.

No other Georgia Tech assistant has been fired.  Rychleski was fired from the Indianapolis Colts after a 3 year stay, so Ray already knows how the football game works.

When a team has a losing season, someone’s head has to be offered up as a sacrifice to the fans.

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