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Hawks Schroder Makes Questionable Decision

Dennis Schroder

The Atlanta Hawks received the Dennis Schroder good news/bad news today.  So says a report in the AJC.

The good news is that Schroder’s relatives, who live in Germany, will be getting work visas to stay permanently in the U.S.  In the past they have come to visit Schroder, but could only get 3 month visas.  It is good for a young player like Schroder to have relatives around him who can form a support system.

The bad news is that they will be working at Schroder’s new “club” that is set to open in Buckhead.  Yes, Schroder wil be spending his time away from the court hanging around a “club.”

Schroder is a talented player who flashes the talent to be a solid starting point guard in the league.  He is either the Hawks’ future or a valuable trade chip.

The criticisms of Schroder are immaturity and his inability to be consistent and focused.

The last thing the Hawks want is to have Schroder hanging around a “club.”  Ain’t no focus or immaturity found hanging around a club.  Believe me, I am speaking from experience.

Booze, loose women, drugs, fights and bullets are what you find in clubs.

I respect Schroder wanting his family around him, but couldn’t he open a store that sells chocolate chip cookies or maybe flowers.  Why a “club?”

When I glanced at the AJC article there was a lone responder in the comments section.  The individual in commenting on Schroder opening the club said simply and ominously, “This won’t end well.”

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