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Ryan Booed at Hawks Game?

Ryan booed

Matt Ryan has had a rough 2015 season.  Many Hawks fans and talks show types are getting their pound of Ryan flesh at every opportunity.

Fans at the Georgia Dome have gotten very frustrated with poor Ryan decisions and throws that have cost the team games.  Hearing Ryan booed at Falcons games has become as commonplace  as big credit card bills in January.

Hearing Ryan booed at a Hawks games is another story.  Ryan hasn’t ever missed an open man in a Hawks uniform or made a poor read.

During Monday night’s Hawks game against Miami, a Family Feud type game was played and shown on the overhead scoreboard during a timeout.

The Family Feud question asked was, “name a famous Ryan.”  The contestant of course immediately thought of Matt Ryan and when he blurted out the Falcons QB’s name, the boos rained down from every section in Philips Arena.

Ryan Booed Lustily

We’re not talking a smattering of boos, either.  Matt Ryan was lustily booed by Hawks fans.

While there was a lot of boos, there had to be a fair amount of cheers, right?  After all, some of the best Atlanta Falcons moments ever were engineered by “Matt Ice” in exciting fourth quarter comebacks.

You not only didn’t need multiple hands to count the Matt Ryan cheers, you didn’t need any hands.  Where Matt Ryan was concerned, Monday night the Hawks fans pitched a shutout.

As lousy as the Hawks have been lately, perhaps the Falcons should return the favor and do something similar during a timeout.  If they really want to blow out the boo meter though, they should forget about the Hawks and go for the jugular.  After all, the Hawks had an excellent 2014 and still have time to get things straightened out this season.  No one is really mad at the Hawks, yet.

No, if the Falcons want to blow out the boo meter they shouldn’t be shy or coy.  Just straight out ask, “name a famous Coppolella.”

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