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Braves Bobblehead Dates Announced – 2016

Braves bobbleheads

Braves bobblehead give away dates have been announced for 2016.  Braves bobbleheads that commemorate key Turner Field events will be featured this season.

In April, the first Braves bobblehead that talks will be given away.  It will play famous calls by Pete Van Wieren and Skip Caray.  I think that will be a very cool bobblehead that Braves fans will want in their collection.  This Braves bobblehead will be on April 23.

In May, it gets a little strange.  Once again trading on Chipper Jones‘ popularity, the Braves are including the Braves great on a bobblehead.  Only Chipper isn’t by himself, Freddie Freeman will be there, too.

Okay, that sounds good, right?  Chipper was the Braves best position player for many years and Freddie is the current best player.  Only the Braves aren’t commemorating their play.  They are taking us back to that horrible winter night in January, 2014.  The night when Freddie got stuck in the snow on the nightmare known as Highway 400 and Chipper rescued him in his ATV.

Many Braves fans are still trying to forget that night.  Thousands were stuck in their cars with small children with little or no food and water.  Not to mention no bathroom facilities for over 24 hours.  Do the Braves and the city really want to remember and commemorate that night?  This Braves bobblehead will be given away on May 28.

June is a yet to be determined Braves bobblehead.  It will be presented by Delta Air Lines and the player hasn’t yet been announced.  We know the Braves can’t feature a current player besides Freddie Freeman.  He would probably be traded by GM John Coppolella before June and that would mess up the promotion.

So it will have to be a former player.  Maybe the night when the Braves acquired Fred McGriff and the press box caught on fire?  Oh yeah, that was Fulton County Stadium.  Forget that.

Maybe there won’t be a player named for this bobblehead, it will be commemorating Coppolella.  By not naming a player the Braves are commemorating all the players Coppy has traded and all the players that will still be traded.  Kind of a take-off on the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.”  This player to be determined bobblehead will be given away on June 23.

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August 18 will feature the Andruw JonesSpiderman Catch” bobblehead presented by Coca-Cola.  I actually think Otis Nixon’s catch was better, the dude was six feet off the ground.  The Braves probably don’t want to feature a crack addict on a bobblehead is my guess why they went with Andruw.  They pay PR guys the big bucks to make these type executive decisions.  Otis Nixon was a favorite player of mine, though.

Once again trading on Chipper Jones‘ popularity (didn’t I already say that), the Braves will have a “Chipper Jones 2000 All-Star Game” bobblehead sponsored by Grady Hospital on September 10.  I’m not sure why Grady Hospital is sponsoring this Chipper bobblehead.  Maybe to commemorate all his surgeries?  This bobblehead will be offered on September 10 and will commemoriate Chipper’s home run at Turner Field in the 2000 All-Star game.

Finally, on September 17 the Braves bobblehead will be the Bobby Cox “Carried Off” bobblehead presented by Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines.  This Braves bobblehead will remember Bobby Cox being carried off the field in 2010 after the Braves clinched the NL Wild Card during his final season as manager.

All Braves bobbleheads given away in 2010 will be marked with the Final Season at Turner Field logo and available to the first 20,000 people through the gates.

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