Atlanta Hawks

Hawks Season on Uptick

Hawks Season on Uptick

The Hawks have won four in a row and things are back on an uptick.  There’s still some areas that need tweaking, but a good sign is that the bench has played very well the past few games.

Asked whether the Hawks could go on a similar streak as last year’s record-setting run, starting small forward Kent Bazemore was optimistic.

“Going into the new year, January is a great month for us, ” Bazemore said.  “We’re just hitting our stride, getting guys healthy and into the rotation.  Guys are playing with more confidence and it is that time.  We have won four in a row, two tough road games and a very dangerous Portland team down two starters, but they came in with guns blazing.  So it was a good win for us.”

The scheduled stiffened significantly for a stretch, but has eased up lately.  This has given the Hawks a chance to relax and get into rhythm.

I don’t know if they are ready to go an anything like the run they had last season, but this does look like a solid, 50-win team.  This Hawks season will ultimately be defined by what they accomplish in the playoffs.

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